Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

An important facet of a healthy lawn is the timely and appropriate application of fertilizer. DV Enterprises has the knowledge and manpower to handle this task for homeowners and businesses.


A thick, healthy lawn is the best offense against weeds, insect pests and disease. Fertilizer, in conjunction with aeration, weed and pest control and seeding/overseeding, is an essential component in achieving and maintaining sound turf.


Prevention is the best method of controlling weeds. Healthy turf or thick mulch, in conjunction with appropriate chemical applications, prevent weeds from taking hold in lawn or garden areas. Removing weeds ensures water is used on only the desirable grasses and other plants in a landscape.


Pre-emergence herbicides are applied in the spring for crabgrass and sandburs, and in the fall for dandelions. When weeds invade, DV Enterprises offers chemical and manual weed control, mulching, and lawn care services to eliminate weed infestations and promote a lush, weed-free lawn.


We also offer seasonal, as-needed and long-term weed control options for gravel and paved lots, walking paths, patios and other hardscape features.


DV Enterprises is licensed to apply pesticides in Kansas and Oklahoma and employs multiple licensed and certified applicators to ensure safe, correct treatment.


Fertilizing and Weed Control is not a one-size-fits-all program. Fertilizer needs vary with different grasses and soil conditions. We can make recommendations and implement a plan based on your turf conditions.


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